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How to recharge?

publish time:2017-11-15 01:03:14 publisher:超级数字资产交易平台
1. RMB recharge
Enter the financial center, choose RMB recharge, select recharge mode, enter the amount of recharge
Pop related billing address above, please use online banking related transfer function, fill in the input collection number, pay attention to quickly go to audit, including the 2 decimal amount

2. bit coin recharge

Enter the financial center, choose to convert bitcoin, the system will automatically assign you a BTC recharge address, you can recharge the BTC to recharge this address. If you have BTC wallet, you can also use QR code scan recharge.
3. Uken recharge
Enter the financial center, choose to travel to the integral

The system will automatically assign a travel wallet for your billing address please, you can recharge to this address at UKC.

Please enter the login travel wallet, click on the transaction > transfer payment wallet binding input address, enter the transfer amount of transfer!