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Bitcoin prices plummeted, and you need to know all about it

publish time:2017-11-15 00:52:41 publisher:超级数字资产交易平台
With the cancellation of bitcoin upgrade technology, some users to give up the encryption currency, bitcoin prices fell nearly 1/3! This shocked the speculators who had profited from the gains of bitcoin's appreciation of more than eight hundred percent this year.

Bitcoin crash, you can do it in addition to panic!

Bitcoin prices plummeted to eliminate panic, you need to know the inside story
Although skeptics say the rapid growth of bitcoin is a bubble, it has become too big for many people in Wall Street to ignore. Although the market value of bitcoin has shrunk by $38 billion since Wednesday, its market capitalization is still as high as $101 billion.
"The proponents of bitcoin technology upgrading are now turning to bitcoin cash," said Mike Kayamori, the second largest active bitcoin exchange in the world (Quoine) in Tokyo. Because people are panicking about what's happening." Mike said that people should not panic, adhere to two versions of bitcoin both hands, until we see how they play a role.
1. users in the fighting between bitcoin and bitcoin cash!
Last week, the cancellation of bitcoin upgrades allowed users to choose between two versions of encrypted currencies.
One side is to support the initial bitcoin, which is powered by the so-called SegWit technology, whose goal is to improve the performance by transferring unimportant data from the basic block chain. The other side is to support bitcoin cash, which allows the block chain to process data 8 times the original data.
Bitcoin cash supporters believe that bitcoin cash approach is simpler, closer to the initial goal of bitcoin. Because bitcoin was originally described as a payment system in its white paper.
And proponents of bitcoin believe that this vision is too limited, through the use of SegWit technology to improve the block chain, bitcoin can become a new category of digital assets, not only to support payments, but also support countless other functions.
Why is 2. bitcoin cash increasingly popular?
Although bitcoin cash has been in existence for several months, supporters of bitcoin cash have been limited as people wait for technical upgrades to the original bitcoin last week. Now bitcoin technology upgrade has been canceled, the use of encrypted currency as a means of payment of the enterprise is expected to increase the use of bitcoin cash.
And bitcoin cash, which was separated from bitcoin in August, has jumped nearly 40% since last Friday.
Bitcoin cash is becoming more and more popular because of the larger size of its block, which makes it cheaper and faster than bitcoin! On Wednesday, when a faction in the encrypted currency community cancelled plans to increase the size of bitcoin blocks, the move could lead to another branch - some of the bigger chunks of supporters turned to the thigh holding bitcoin cash".
Bitcoin's frenzied rise has also been extremely volatile, especially when regulators, banks and fund management companies are increasingly interested in encrypted currencies.
How long can 3. bitcoin cash rise? Novice cautious into encrypted money market!
Bitcoin cash rose sharply at the end of last week, but it didn't rise in a straight line. The price of Coinmarketcap.com showed that bitcoin cash was trading at $1325 on Monday (November 13th) morning in Hongkong, lower than Sunday's $2478 high.
Bitcoin is also unstable. It was initially rising in the wake of the news that technology upgrades were cancelled and hard forks didn't appear, but this gain was short-lived. After hitting a record $7882 last Wednesday, the current transaction price is around $5948.
In this regard, GFI Securities LLC chief macro strategist in New York John Spallanzani said: "encrypted currency trading is not suitable for novice investors."."