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What is the maximum potential of artificial intelligence in the field of finance?

publish time:2017-11-15 00:51:05 publisher:超级数字资产交易平台
Recently, artificial intelligence has become the global industry focus on the financial sector, is a kind of artificial intelligence, a series of technical innovation in Fintech Fintech, Financial Technology, can be defined as is based on big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain technology is fully applied to the payment and settlement, loan financing, wealth management, retail banking, insurance, trade settlement and other financial sector, financial + technology integration. In a word, artificial intelligence is the same as other technologies in financial science and technology. It is the technical means of applying science and technology to the financial industry, serving the general public, reducing the industry costs and improving the efficiency of the industry.

By June this year, there were more than 1362 Fintech companies in the world, coming from more than 54 countries, with a total financing of more than $49 billion 700 million. Accenture's research report shows that the global financial technology industry investment increased by 75% to $22 billion 300 million in 2015. The NASDAQ and the investment bank KBW to launch KBW Nasdaq KFTX financial technology index, the index of 49 stocks, total market value of about $785 billion, accounting for 4% of the domestic stock market, this is also the first only contains only the index in the United States listed financial technology company, Fintech industry chain development spurt continued China, financial technology industry growth of 445%, close to $2 billion, the industry more and more attention all around the world.
Similarly, the application of artificial intelligence in the financial field is also being studied and deepened, and the application scenarios continue to diversify. Before discussing the potential applications of artificial intelligence in the field of finance, we start to understand the characteristics of artificial intelligence is unique to other techniques, with "time in the financial science and technology" in one sentence: "the ability of artificial intelligence is to enhance the value of cross time, that that time is money."
Specifically, artificial intelligence can run "win" time in three areas:

1, the ability to quickly absorb information and transform information into knowledge. Artificial intelligence a larger leap in access to text, voice and video and other unstructured information, the ability of human hand collect and extract useful information in unstructured data has been better than the artificial intelligence program, especially in Natural Language Processing and text information, information extraction, quantitative trading such technology is not limited to two level market the fundamentals, analysis of a company listed before the financing stage or lending even in the real economy of competition and industry ecological analysis can use this technology to gain time advantage.

2. Predict future capabilities on the basis of domain modeling and big data analysis. The most essential attribute of time is that the arrow is irreversible. The future is uncertain, but there are rules to follow. Based on the field of modeling, based on knowledge mapping processing, large-scale data analysis for semi structured data prediction algorithm based on the label of the three, is the artificial intelligence in the dimension of time to communicate the past and future, which reduce the value of the exchange across time brings the advantages of risk.

3, the ability to optimize the game strategy under the rule of determination. The value exchange field is full of game, and game needs to solve two basic problems: situation judgment and optimal game search. Because of human artificial intelligence, first because of artificial intelligence can learn all public data ever more fully than people; second, artificial intelligence can more than make full use of the offline time around each stroke to reinforcement learning strategies; third, artificial intelligence can be tens of thousands of computer together, compared to the tens of thousands of people for not cooperation the existence of human interests and the performance of various greedy face and not calm. Therefore, artificial intelligence in the game of universal application, is also an inevitable trend.

Specific to the application of artificial intelligence in the field of finance, has the potential application scenarios for quantitative investment and intelligent investment (or smart financial manager) and risk management etc..

Quantitative investment has been the actual case, benchmarking the world, the world's largest hedge base Jinqiao water jointly launched a new artificial intelligence team in 2013. Rebellion Research uses machine learning to quantify asset management and launched the first pure investment fund in 2007. At the end of 9 this year, the A shares robot warfare developed by Anxin securities, 50 thousand investors announced the outcome, from June 1st to September in three months, with 24.06% (annualized 96%) cumulative return over 98% of the user. The mode of operation of the robot is the first factor into a library from the fundamentals, technical, trade behavior, behavior, big data terminal Internet information, third party information derived, belongs to the process of data preparation, data extraction factor will generate training samples, and then select the machine learning algorithm is trained to model, the last remaining effective factor scoring output equation combination.

Robot big data quantitative stock selection than human choice from the fundamentals, corporate finance and other aspects of quantitative stock selection, more inclined to select factors from the fundamentals, technology, investor sentiment, behavior and other aspects of the IT technology, data processing technology requirements higher.